PKD vs. UC Davis teargassing cop

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The Philip K. Dick fanatics at Total Dick-Head provide their take on the meme.


  1. Template to make your own.  It’s a png with the transparent mask intact.  The spray and shadow underfoot is at reduced opacities.  Just drag it over images in Paint, Photoshop, etc. resize, reposition, edit as needed.

  2. A Pepper Spray Darkly

    The protagonist is Bob Arctor, member of an OWS protest group, who is also living a parallel life as Enforcer Fred, an undercover police agent assigned to spy on OWS protesters. While supposedly only posing as an OWS protester, Arctor becomes addicted to the OWS meme (also referred to as “Dirty Fucking Hippie Dreams,” “Meme D,” or “D”), a powerful concept of equality and fairness. Arctor’s persistent ruminations about D causes the his brain to develop “empathy.” Through a series of loyalty and psychological tests, Arctor’s superiors at work discover that his beliefs have made him incapable of performing his job as an heartless Police Enforcer. It is revealed that his girlfriend has been a Homeland Security agent all along, working as part of a police operation to infiltrate OWS. The book ends with Arctor hiding a pamphlet on Communism in his shoe to give to his friends – fellow recovering D addicts at the UC Davis campus – on Thanksgiving.

    Have a un-peppered Thanksgiving, folks!

  3. Tears are good for you…makes you pee less. Pee is stinky tears are not. If I was given the choice to be a tear or a pee, I would be a tear because tears are salty and people sometimes take salt pills in the desert. People in the desert also drink water, but not pee. When I’m in the desert I like to pee on my tee shirt and drape it on my head. It feels really cool.

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