TARDIS fridge


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  1. Llama says:

    Is it bigger on the inside?

    • Marion Fitzgibbon says:

      omg.  If I had that, I’d knock out the back and plant it front of my bedroom door.  Then it WOULD be bigger on the inside.

      And then I would need to redecorate my room to match the interior of the Tardis . . .  Where will I put the swimming pool?

    • Guest says:

      it’s colder on the inside

  2. tamgoddess says:

    All that work and s/he didn’t bother to switch the handles to the right side? I’d be pissed every time I opened the fridge.

    But it’s awesome.

  3. paec says:

    Form must follow function and as a right-handed person, having them on the left would make more sense to me, too.

    • tamgoddess says:

      Sorry, I didn’t mention that the fridge is pictured in an actual kitchen, and the doors open the wrong way. All refrigerators have door handles that can be put on either side, and this one is on the wrong side for this kitchen. So now they have to take the handles off and repaint, or deal with a very annoying fridge.

      • skington says:

        It’s not on the wrong side. If the handles were on the other side, you couldn’t open the doors more than 90º because the wall’s in the way.

  4. graou says:

    So that’s where he stacks his girlfriends too ?

  5. purple-stater says:

    Most excellent.  The wife is already badgering me for one.

  6. macbrak says:

    add a kegerator and make it a real time machine

  7. cycadia says:

    I’m afraid of a TARDIS fridge. I would have trouble keeping track of what I have in there, and my stinky old veggies would just keep piling up. Maybe I could shut them all in a spare bedroom, & jettison into the Vortex as required.


  8. Itsumishi says:

    How exactly are the doors on the wrong side? How the hell are you meant to get the trays/shelves out for cleaning if the doors don’t open more than 90 degrees?

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