The dronecam revolution will be webcast: Interview with Tim Pool of "The Other 99"


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  1. CSBD says:

    I am really glad that someone is doing this.   The raw footage he is streaming will be much more useful as a historical record than the crap that is being aired by most media outlets.

    Too bad he is not considered a real journalist or he might actually get an award for his coverage.

  2. unit_1421 says:

    I admire how he shamed the idiots he caught trying to deflate the tires of some police vans and cars the night of the Zucotti eviction. I was watching the stream and tweeting NYPD movements from my police scanner feed.

    • exoskeletor says:

      saw that, too. I immediately thought cops. Too aggressive, old, and heavy to be just citizens. Wish someone would screen cap that and let people go to work on ID’ing them.

  3. thecleaninglady says:

    > Too bad he is not considered a real journalist or he might actually get an award for his coverage.

    He is, by 2+ million people. Real enough for me.

  4. Steve Wells says:

    What a top bloke! Here’s hoping he doesn’t cop any legal flak by using an aerial device.

    Gotta wonder if/when something positive is eventually going to come of the occupy movement other than potentially the increased sense of a supportive society of those directly involved (and an increased sense of opposition towards those involved against them).

  5. Tim, if you don’t have anything particularly interesting to put on UStream… I’m down with looking at a cat. Oh, and I did donate. So I’m not asking for cats and giving nothing in return :D

  6. lavardera says:

    I watched for a long while last tuesday – its a great thing, keep it up.

  7. Adam Cahan says:

    I watched the stream the neat of the Zucotti eviction. On Broadway and Pine, Occupiers blocked the police garbage trucks and chanted ‘Whose Street! Our Street!’ Far and away, it was one of, if not the most riveting piece of news I’ve ever seen.

  8. Yelizaveta Kotlyarova says:

    I never watched a live stream till I N17 when my curiosity for what the protestors had in store for Wall St. overcame me. I wasn’t enthralled with a single stream until I found Tim Pool’s and I was hooked, watching it all day between my class schedule. I love what he is doing, and his attitude. I love that he’s intelligent, tech-savvy, environmentally friendly and appreciative and is doing meaningful work in the movement! Go, Pool!

  9. Brings new meaning to the news term “Pool Video”.

  10. floraldeoderant says:

    They should look into getting some metallic flying penguins…
    What I mean is, dirigibles are the way to go! Helicopters tucker out too quickly.

    Keep going, Tim. You’re a real life bamf.

  11. Egypt Urnash says:

    Dude is like a real-life Edison Carter. And everyone watching and twittering him updates to what’s going on elsewhere is helping to be a crowd-sourced Theora Jones.

    Watching his stream the other night was an awesome moment of absolutely delightful future shock. EVERYONE owns the Panopticon.

  12. Ryan Rix says:

    FYI, you can do streaming with the AR.Drone:

    It just sets up an HTTP stream that you can grab as long as you are connected to its ad-hoc network.

  13. Alternative journalism. That’s the way of the future for the profession, as most of the so-called mainstream media have lost all objectivity or desire to pursue the truth.

  14. The most helpful part of his narration for N17 for me was that he gave his location in real time.  This enable me to view his location on Google Maps on another monitor on my computer.  Being able to place his progress with real time information on a map really cemented his video in my mind.  I have never had that experience with a live stream before.  Really excellent, Tim.  I donated money immediately to both projects.  I am grateful to be able to be a part of bringing authenticity back to the concept of loyalty.

  15. GeorgeMokray says:

    Chris Csikszentmihalyi at MIT Media Lab was doing a surveillance drone project on the US/Mexico border a year or two ago.  They were monitoring the vigilante groups who were tracking Mexican border jumpers.  He might have some ideas about how to help you get your video drones into the air and the images online.

  16. Check out our piece on Tim Pool -

  17. awoken says:

    Mira Grant speculated that this type of blogging would overtake the traditional news media in her Newsflesh series (although it was triggered by zombie apocalypse).

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