TOM THE DANCING BUG: God-Man saves the day! Well... he saves A day, anyway.

GOD-MAN commands that you visit the TOM THE DANCING BUG WEBSITE often (at least once a week, unless you have a REALLY good reason, like your football team's in the playoffs); and if you don't follow RUBEN BOLLING on TWITTER, there's no way God-Man's answering your call when you signal him on the special GOD-MAN RADIO WRISTWATCH you received when you joined his Fan Club. (YOU DID JOIN HIS FAN CLUB, DIDN'T YOU?)


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  1. Ooh, is this the one where God-Man flies really fast around the Earth and turns the clock back to last week to save Lois Lane or something?

  2. BoingBoing editors are riding home for Thanksgiving, and let the intern do the hard job! And here we are!!!
    BTW, do you need interns at BoingBoing? I am a candidate myself… I guess I won’t mess with cartoons.

    1. I’ve seen my share of people’s back-ends in my life, and I feel pretty confident that I generally knew what all the parts were.

    2. That’s fair enough, no one likes unnecessary bureaucracy – but getting someone to look over the content before it heads out seems sensible.  Quality control as it were, not to mention running it past legal etc.

      Your casual approach both pleases and worries me.

      1. Your casual approach both pleases and worries me.

        You do realize that Boing Boing is run by people who are either sitting at home in their PJs or speeding down the coast in a red convertible.

        1. If it’s the left coast, please feel free to let “quality control” slide  for a bit, both of us shouldn’t be texting at the same time.

  3. In an alternative universe, the comic was posted correctly and all the comments are about the subject of the comic. And I have a bucket on my head.

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