FBI nabs suspects in Amish Beard Attacks. One of them is named "Mullet."


11 Responses to “FBI nabs suspects in Amish Beard Attacks. One of them is named "Mullet."”

  1. NoOneSpecific says:

    So… Many… Jokes… Must… Not… Submit… Argh!!!!

  2. graou says:

    Are the amish beards equivalent to the masks of mexican wrestlers ?

  3. koko szanel says:

    “who formed a breakaway sect”

    so he formed a breakaway sect from the main sect In my sect^^^^religion breathing is considered hate crime , dear U.S. Attorney’s office please get on it asap.

  4. Sionic says:

    Someone please daguerreotype those photos!

  5. hassenpfeffer says:

    Grew a mustache and a mullet
    Got a job at Chick-Fil-A
    Citing artistic differences
    The band broke up in May
    And in June reformed without me
    And they got a different name
    I nuked another Grandma’s Apple Pie
    And hung my head in shame…

  6. Lilah says:

    I guess a glorious beard was one of the requirements for their legal representation as well?

  7. Adela Doiron says:

    The beatings and sex part make it more than just silly drive by shavings. Oh but lets just emphasize how emasculated some patriarchs  felt about their facial hair going poof; pride is more important than exploitation.

  8. That was a close shave!

  9. ghostbear says:

    It’s really not funny per se but when you read about head shavings and the main perpetrator is named Mullet it conjures images of amish men with shaved sides and long in the back. Even if that’s what they did it’d still be crime against the law and good taste.

  10. Just_Ken says:

     Boy howdy those comments really are funny! Let drive through some Jew neighborhoods and throw pork guts at ‘em and pull off those little beanies they wear. Big fun! I hate religion it’s so hateful and closed minded unlike us at BB. Let’s shave the beards off those stoopid Mooslems too while were at it and pull the face veils off their women too. Religion is just ignorance and it’s okay to poke some fun at assholes that believe that shit.

  11. Jon Bakos says:

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Comfortable, Mullet? It seems sadly ironic that it’s that tie that’s got you into this pickle. Now you just take all the time you want. 

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