Talking Heads Chronology: live performances 1976-1983


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  1. George Leake says:

    “Are you having a laugh?” I was a huge Talking Heads fan back in the day, and I’m still pretty disappointed by Stop Making Sense, and, well, everything since the Speaking In Tongues album (the lack of any Brian Eno input might have something to do with that)–there’s so many concert films way better than that one, even within the specific genre, I don’t know where to start–but here’s one that’s unassailable: the concert film of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, the final performance where he, in essence, commits rock & roll suicide at the end. One could also mention any number of other great ones involving say The Who, Hendrix, King Crimson, or compilations like Decline Of Western Civilization (both), or nearly any Jazz concert film. That said, I do look forward to seeing this piece, as every bit of concert footage (other than Stop Making Sense) I’ve seen of the Talking Heads from this period *is* outstanding–both in terms of the dynamism of the performances, and the musical content.

  2. Ed Frome says:

    The Name of This Band was one of my very first vinyl purchases, and  still ranks among the most worn out of my collection.

    …not that you can wear out a flac or mp3 as easily, but y’know…

  3. CountZero says:

    Another big ‘Heads fan from the very beginning right up to the present day; I have the most recent Byrne/Eno album, which while enjoyable was a bit of a disappointment after the wonderful ‘My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts’. I was lucky enough to see Talking Heads at the beginning, on the British tour for ’77, and seeing concert footage from right through their career is something I’m really looking forward to watching. I actually really like ‘Stop Making Sense’; I have never seen or even heard of concert footage of King Crimson to draw a comparison.

  4. Darragh says:

    Looks good, Fans of TALKING HEADS

  5. This performance by David could be one of the greatest artistic expressions of all time.

    Live at Leeds(original album) was a better live album.

  6. I would have preferred to have seen them live, but this will do.  And this video might be my all-time Youtube favorite :

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