White Friday

"Americans are expected to fork over some $45 billion to retailers this holiday season. But what if instead of hitting the stores this Black Friday, we put our money to a different use? One that is more in the spirit of Thanksgiving. What if we gave back instead?" Here's an infographic that shows what's possible, designed by Jess Bachman.


  1. I have zero sympathy for large retailers these days. I’m more than happy not to participate in Black Friday.

    (This is the part where someone informs me that it’s somehow my civic duty to shop and help them create jobs or somesuch blithering idiocy.)

  2. You should have to apply for a license to use the term “infographic”. Your license should not be granted for anything that is a list of bullet points set over visual noise. It’s like trying to read a transparency slide that’s sitting on top of a pile of old newspapers.

  3. Amen, well thought and said.  Similarly, here’s an amazing effort, with a unique approach and values, where your contribution of an animal(s) to a village (for sustenance and income) endures via subsequent permaculture education and villagers “gifting” the animal offspring to neighboring villages.  We donated an assortment of animals, in honor a birth – easy, but also quite healthy & sustainable, me thinks:


  4. This is what I try to do for Christmas.  Three years running I’ve told everyone to donate to a list of charities I like instead of giving me gifts and I still get stuff… though to their credit, it is shifting towards donations only a little more each year.

    But as for Black Friday, I buy stuff I was going to buy anyway so I can truly say I saved money.

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