WKRP's Turkey Drop, short attention span theater edition


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  1. Hubert Cumberdale says:

    Thank you! Never gets old.

  2. EH says:

    Ah, another Chrome crash.

  3. solstice2005 says:

    Thanks for that post!  I had forgotten the show but it can never get old

  4. spiderking says:

    Yellville, Arkansas was the inspiration for this episode, I guess.

    • Wild Rumpus says:


      “Oddly enough, this famous WKRP episode was loosely based on a real event! Back in 1946 (some sources say 1945), Yellville, Arkansas inaugurated the “Turkey Trot Festival” which included a wild turkey calling contest, a turkey target shoot, a Miss Drumsticks Pageant and oh yeah: a live turkey release from the roof of the courthouse.

      After a few years, someone thought it might be fun to actually toss the poor gobblers out of a low-flying airplane for the event. This repeated for a number of years until 1989 when a national animal-rights protest cast the event in a bad light and the “National Enquirer” splashed a photo of the event across the nation forcing promoters to abandon the turkey drop.”

  5. jesse wolfe says:

    If you’ve got about 50x the time, you can watch the original here: http://www.hulu.com/watch/322/wkrp-in-cincinnati-turkeys-away

  6. jimh says:

    Oh, the HUMANITY!

  7. James B says:

    I remember seeing that broadcast.  I think Loni Anderson was dating Burt Reynolds about that time.

  8. Wild Rumpus says:

    Ha ha!  I watched this on it’s first airing too and I think the meme that developed from it is well deserved.  That line never gets old.

  9. hassenpfeffer says:

    Best. Thanksgiving. TV. Ever.

  10. skyhawk1 says:

    It just isn’t Thanksgiving without referring to that classic. Thanks.

  11. russingram says:

    I lived near Yellville at the time – the the year after the PETA flap, the town decided to drop frozen turkeys with parachutes. Several chutes failed to open! If I recall correctly, the only damage was a dent in the hood of a car. For the next several years, an “anonymous” plane with blacked-out tail numbers performed the drop. I moved away around that time, not sure what happened after that.

  12. Short Attention Span Theater? Where’s Jon Stewart?

  13. Rhodeguy says:

    On a related note, this reminds of me of the Married With Children episode of the “Santa Drop” which had a much more twisted result. 

  14. Theodosia says:

    Too shortened — the real beauty of the episode is how it builds, and the exquisite reaction shots as events off-camera are described, and Les Nessman’s “Oh, the humanity!”

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