2012 Calendar of the Impending Apocalypse


6 Responses to “2012 Calendar of the Impending Apocalypse”

  1. Jim Saul says:

    Very nice.  The style recalls illuminations in the margins of medieval manuscripts.  I’m surprised they didn’t choose as a wry touch to end the calendar on December 21st.

  2. L_Mariachi says:

    Nice, but almost half the months have creative numerical layouts that make them useless as calendars, since you can’t tell what day of the week a given date falls on.

  3. quitterjunior says:

    If the world ends in 2012 I’ll be so pissed.  The second coming out of Tobias Funke is set for 2013.  

  4. kris says:

    Sweet artwork, but I’m disappointed that this calendar doesn’t end on the 21st. Kinda takes a lot of the edge off it.

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