Bicycle repairer pets his doggie, in Beijing (photo)


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  1. noah django says:

    annnnnnnnd …  posted to /n/.

  2. phisrow says:

    I am a total sucker for that “I’m genetically engineered to love you in my fuzzy way” look puppies have.

  3. Vivian Leonard says:

    Might I point out that there are in fact two dogs in the picture?

  4. igzabier says:

    nice cultural insight, cool moment, and this is so different than typical West(micro repair shop mobile maker handyman) but then same(human loving animal, human making existence).

  5. avocadotoe says:

    Oh look, is it a Stockbroker?
    Is it a Quantity Surveyor?
    Is it a Church Warden?

  6. Art says:

    Dogs  ♥♥♥

  7. koko szanel says:

    straight from Blade Runner, just wait few hours to get dark and some acid rain

  8. flowergardenslayer says:

    Dude’s bike reminds me of the old adage “The cobbler’s children always go bare”

  9. BonzoDog1 says:

    Cue Monty Python: It’s bicycle repair man!

  10. I’ll bet he can fix just about anything. My local bike shop can too – once they order in the part – and wait two weeks for it to arrive. There was a guy who would set up repair services along the Bristol-Bath cycle path in the UK when I lived there a few years back. Can’t recall if he had dogs. Cool photo.

  11. I initially wanted to make a statement about the whole “east vs west” mindset, but instead, I think I’ll say that this is simply wonderful. 

  12. PrettyBoyTim says:

    There are mobile bicycle repair outfits here in the west as well:


  13. they look like pedigree english cocker spaniels, i’d hazard a guess that this is a fairly unusual dog for someone to own in china?

  14. needsleep99 says:

    Preparing his dinner.

  15. dainel says:

    I see the text in my RSS reader “A bicycle repairer strokes his dog inside a storage box on his tricycle as he waits for his customer in Beijing”. I think of a man on a something like a bicycle, with a small dog in a box on his bike. He’s reaching in to pet the dog.

    I click the link. Instead of what I imagine, I see a an enormous box. The man is actually sitting in the box. Along with his two dogs.

  16. grimatongueworm says:

    Bicycle repairer pets his lunch

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