How will world's worst dictators spend Christmas? Hilarious TV ad for South African chicken chain reveals all

[Video Link]. BB pal Griffin from South Africa says, "This TV ad was made for Nando’s, one of South Africa’s popular chicken fast food chains. As I understand it, they might have an outlet or two in the US as well. Watch how the infamous dictators are planning on spending their Xmas. Fucking brilliant!"

This may be one of the most hilarious TV ads I've ever seen in my life. Can you name them all?


    1. The one on the swing doesn’t look like Ceausescu at all (Ceausescu wore no glasses), he reminded me more of Erich Honecker.

    2. It’s Hendrick Verwoerd, prime minister of apartheid South Africa not Ceaucescu. Things have moved on a long way in South African company where they can finally make fun of this horrible man.

  1. They have a few outlets in Canada as well. I am going to assume that going in and asking for the Mugabe meal would not be appreciated.

  2. Guys, this is a South African ad. It’s the Great Crocodile itself and apartheid frontmen, P.W. Botha.

  3. I’ve seen bottles of their sauce in stores, but I never realized they were a restaurant chain. I was only a few blocks away from one today in Calgary.

  4. …”planning on spending their christmas”? Naaaah…: Just to make sure everyone “gets” this: this is about Mugabe mourning about the days when he still had all his dictator friends and how much fun they had together – and these days he is aaaaaaal alooooooone. So sad. Brilliant idea, indeed.

      1. “You know that Those Were The Days is actually from a Russian Folk song?”
        Yes – and I gather that generally Gene Raskin is over credited with the whole song (rather than just the english lyrics).

        Anyway you may go back to your Alastair Sim fantasies.

  5. The guy on the swing is PW Botha (that’s an old South African flag he’s waving) – the other 45″ version is on Nando’s SA YouTube channel here–vdxh4 (Thanks @watkykjy – you legend)

  6. The ad was so good, it almost made me want to eat some of that factory-raised, antibiotics- fed chicken in a fast food chain restaurant sort of setting. 
    So it actually worked. 
    If I found myself with a choice between no food,  KFC, Church’s and Nando’s , they’d get my Business.

  7. If it wasn’t for Mao and Amin, it could even be historically accurate… unfortunately neither was in power while Mugabe was; Mao wasn’t even alive by the time Mugabe was elected.

    1. If it wasn’t for Mao and Amin, it could even be historically accurate… unfortunately neither was in power while Mugabe was; Mao wasn’t even alive by the time Mugabe was elected.

      But Bob was getting money and weapons from both of them when he was leading ZANU.

    1. We have Nandos in New Zealand too, I first discovered them when I visited South Africa, their sauces are to die for, I am actually growing zimbabwe birds eye chillies (Peri Peri) at the moment I hope to make my own Peri Peri sauce.

      1. It’s hilarious that it’s a South African chain, which pretends to be South American, and it’s now spread to so many former commonwealth nations :D

        I do like their sauces, there’s one place locally, the food is actually decent, even their vegetarian stuff

        1. “South American” ? As far as I know, they pretended to be Portuguese, but the music they play includes pretty much any “hot” country you can think of, and décor in recent years (at least in UK) has veered towards North-African styles. They’ve started to drop any pretence anyway, identifying themselves as South-African more and more in various ways, like displaying “naif” art from South-African schools.

          (And I say this as somebody who dined there enough times in a single month to get a whole chicken for free. Twice.)

          1. My mistake, I haven’t been there for a while, yes, Portuguese.

            They must Love you to give you free food, their spices Are good :D

  8. Awww…he’s all alone.  All alone for the holidays…that’s really sad!

    Poor Robert Muga…nevermind, can’t even fake it.  Go choke on a chicken bone pal…

  9. Ahhhhhh Nandos is delish! I think they have two restaurants in the U.S., both in D.C. Trouble is, the best thing about Nandos is their “peri-peri wedges” (potato wedges with peri-peri pepper seasoning), but when I went to the D.C. chain, it wasn’t on the menu! Anyway, amazing ad.

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