Interview with asst. prof. Nathan Brown on UC Davis letter


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  1. DeargDoom says:

    Chancellor Katehi’s faux distress at what campus police did in her name is slightly undermined by this article,, describing the chancellor’s involvement in the suppression of dissent in Greek universities (via

  2. modelmotion says:

    Reoccupation of the Quad
    Nathan Brown speaks at UC Davis rally, November 21

  3. purple-stater says:

    Extremely disturbing days, but they give me great hope.  One of the things I hope for is that Officer Pike is soon searching for a new career.

  4. rollerskater says:

    “We really haven’t had anything to protest- you know- in our lifetime that’s been big as this.” Classic.

  5. Guest says:

    I am amazed she made it through the week. Of course, it was a 2.5 day week in academia, so I still have my popcorn out.

  6. hypersomniac says:

    One way to get me thinking about current event topics is to have ultra-hot women give their opinions on such subjects. #sarcasm

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