The Gun Snuggler: from parody video to actual holiday gift

The Gun Snuggler. "Because happiness is a warm gun." Comes in sizes to fit everything from handguns to assault rifles! This began as a funny internet joke, but so many people took it seriously that it is now being offered as an actual thing that you can really buy for real. (Thanks, Marque Cornblatt!)


  1. Well, that’s my North Carolina brother-in-law’s present sorted.

    And that was literally the first thing I thought when I saw this.  [Woodland camo, natch.]

  2. I just now noticed this.  I’m on a Mac with 10.7.2.  I tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  On some of the smaller BB posts, the little icons for tweet, facebook, mailto and comments do not show up at the bottom.  But on my iPhone for those same little posts, the four icons are there and I can make comments.  I had thought comments for small posts were disabled for some reason… but now I know… on my Mac, they just don’t show up.  Hope this helps.

  3. Desert Eagle getting very sleepy… Maybe we’ll curl up and watch some Charles Bronson movies together…

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