New Yorker on the origins of OWS


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  1. a_w_young says:

    I think Anon deserves some credit. Many of us knew nothing about it, but they did a great job of getting the word out. I thought the whole thing was their invention for the longest time.

  2. wrybread says:

    God that article is so dismissive. They make it sound like the Adbusters guy is responsible for the whole movement. He or they may have given the movement a great name with “Occupy”, but other than that, I say this movement is a continuation of the Arab Spring and is far greater than any one person or organization.

  3. GIFtheory says:

    “It’s very tl;dr,”

    That’s the best concise description of the New Yorker I’ve ever heard.

  4. Okay, I just went to Urban Dictionary to find out tl;dr means, but you know what?  The explanation was really long and convoluted, and I had like three other exciting things happening on my browser at the time.  So I guess I’ll never know.

  5. Irony or Mastery? Anti-market Adbusters named Occupy Wall Street and a CATCH PHRASE became the 1st massively anti-market marketing campaign.

    140 char :)

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