Peruvian mayor: strontium in water makes you gay

Huarmey, Peru mayor Jose Benitez is reportedly concerned that high levels of strontium in his town's drinking water are turning men gay. From LGBT Asylum News (unrelated photo from Travel Blog):


“Unfortunately Strontium reduces male hormones and suddenly we’ll be as Tabalosos, as other towns, where the percentages are increasing of homosexuality," (Benitez said.)

Tabalosos is located in the department of San Martin, in the interior of Peru – where the water comes from. Some years ago a Peruvian television program said that its population was predominantly homosexual, an image according to Tabalosos’ mayor, Jorge Luis Vasquez, ‘which is costing us’.

…Dr. Robert Castro Rodriguez, dean of the College of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Lima, told Peruvian radio that large amounts of Strontium in the body cause bone cancer, anemia and cardiovascular complications – but not homosexuality.

"Beware! Strontium in Water Causes Homosexuality!" (via Fortean Times)


    1. in fact, it was a comment made by Bolivian president Evo Morales.

      but is not very important, peruvians ecuatorians and bolivians have a very strong homophobic sense, and strong flaws in their education, they blame almost anything to justify a statistic raise in  homosexuality or the homosexuality itself in their countries.

  1. The bar for requirements for being mayor of a smallish town is usually set pretty low.

    Just a bit north of here, when it was reported that the soil around a lead and zinc smelter was unusually high in lead content along with attendant high blood lead levels, the local mayor said something along the lines of  “Well, from what I see, people around here don’t seem to be sick…”

    This would drive me to scream at the newscasts: “Lead doesn’t make you cough, asshat, it makes you stupid!”

    Mind you, ‘Really?’.  The population of Tabalosos is ‘predominantly homosexual’?  Is that true for any town, anywhere in the world?  Why not ridicule the TV show?

    And as far as the Chavez-Chicken point, Chavez did talk about chicken loaded with estrogen.  This is a problem in South and Central America – overuse of antibiotics and chemicals in food.

    And, as an counter: didn’t Reagan claim that trees cause acid rain?

  2. Well, what is the science? I mean, he has a hypothesis. You seem to be saying its silly, but with no evidence. Since the current understanding is that no one chooses their sexuality, something has to cause homosexuality, be it genetics or fetal environment or what have you. Presumably, the right change to neural structure could also change an adult’s orientation. What is your evidence that a sufficient dose of strontium can not do so?

    Also, it seems according to the article that it was Evo Morales who implicated chicken.

  3. What a reactionary dumbass.  Everyone already knows that Strontium makes people gay but it is easy to counteract with a 50/50 mix of Deuterium and Tellurium.  If he wants everyone straight as an arrow, go with a 45/50/5 mix of Deuterium, Tellurium and Terbium.  My scientific research is just as sound as his, I assure you!

  4. Quick follow-up to my post:  don’t try and skimp on the Deuterium.  You do that and you will end up with two new genders, one which isn’t really a gender at all and one which is strangely attracted to the other three.

  5. Maybe the poor uncultured mayor confounded “strontium” with  “estrogens” (estróncio/estrógeno in spanish).

    Either that or that Peruvian gays  are boombastically radioactive and spontaneously flammable.

  6. Brother Dave’s Doggerel For The Day, 11/26/11 #2:

    Drinking the drinking water down in old Mexico
    Leads to Montezuma’s Revenge, so they say
    But the mayor of Huarmey, Peru, dontcha know
    Says that their water there may make you gay

  7. Any word on how much of this terrifying gay serum is the stable form of Strontium(probably not fantastic for you, in quantity; but nothing excessively exciting) and how much is our good friend Strontium-90, “The bone cancer fairy” to its friends?

    Also, has anybody had the heart to tell the mayor that his bloodstream is crawling with millions of phagocytes?

  8. I like what the Mayor is saying, you just have to translate it.  Try it this way:

    “We have noticed that our drinking water contains high amounts of X. Some of those consuming this for a long period of time change their behavior in the following manner.”

    Don’t get  “makes them gay” confused with “hormonal changes affect behavior” which of course is very possible and highly likely.

    Also just because there are high amounts of Strontium doesn’t mean its the single causal factor, there might be Strontium plus high concentrations of other metals in the water plus a crappy diet plus high stress levels which are causing major depression which all lead to changes in behavior over T I M E in a group of otherwise Heterosexual Men.

  9. I find this encouraging, and I’ll tell you why.  If one element can induce homosexuality, why not another?  If strontium, why not carbon?  If a link is shown between increased levels of carbon in the atmosphere and gayness, we may lick this climate change thing yet.     The only problem is the target market would never believe it if scientists said it.  Maybe we can get Glen Beck to say it.   

  10. Attention World: GET THE FUCK OVER HOMOSEXUALITY. Let homosexuals bring us well-decorated homes and aesthetically pleasing fashion like God intended them to.

    1. A lot of girls are regretting dragging their boyfriends to Part I right now.

      Hopefully to stem further heartbreak we’ve shared your revelation at the Pewlpit, as the lead to this scientific piece.

  11. At first, I misread strontium as santorium. Now I desperately want to become a chemist working on those ridiculously high atomic mass (and invariably radioactive) elements so I can name one accordingly.

  12. Even if it’s true, why is that such a bad thing. It’s not giving you cancer or something, just changing your dating options…

  13. People, you’re missing the point here ! Imagine if this is true…Republican Congress water-tank, here I come !

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