23.5-tonne Marmite traffic-jam

Traffic in Yorkshire is snarled this morning after an overturned lorry dumped 23.5 tonnes of yeast extract on the motorway.


  1. A friend of mine, who has a friend who knows the someone who used to date the lorry driver, told me that the driver is a stooge for the Kraft Corporation.

  2. Wonder exactly how many rounds of bread you’d need to mop up 23 tonnes of Marmite…….probably a couple more than one could ever hope to eat, but I would do my very best!

  3. The lorry, *initially reported* to be carrying Marmite, crashed and spilt its contents onto the carriageway at about 22:15 GMT on Monday

  4. Alas, just brewer’s yeast — cubic meters of free Marmite will have to remain the stuff of my fantasies.  Anyway, I did have a little trouble imagining Marmite spilling.

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