Beautiful 1940s rail ads


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  1. coffee100 says:

    Back when America was actually capable of building beautiful things to be advertised.

  2. lesserlesserwashington says:

    And using the name of a Native American tribe for advertising…*shakes head*.  I guess it isn’t as bad as the military taking all our tribal names for weapons…Kiowa, Apache, Commanche…

  3. aynrandspenismighty says:

    This harkens back to an age when men wore hats, women knew their place and the only brown people you saw were dressed to serve.

  4. Am I the only one who immediately thought of “Ode to Billie Joe”? Probably.

  5. thequickbrownfox says:

    There was another such railway of the period which advertised the adventures of an intrepid traveller by the name of “Phoebe Snow”.

  6. grimatongueworm says:

    Sadly, Amtrak looks like this, today.

  7. Riding the rails is the way to go! I took a train ride in Norway this spring and rode the 1940s Flam railway. It was awesome. So relaxing, such beautiful scenery. I shot some video with my iPhone out the window if you care to see the incredible view I had.

  8. scifijazznik says:

    I think Xeni needs that black  hat with the flower and feather.  Too cool.

  9. yukon1898 says:

    As a lucky rail buff in Canada (I have been able to travel across Canada and the Rockies many times by train) the CPR had great trains a great train posters

    Here are 3

  10. I have an original poster very similar to the Choctaw Rocket, the Miami something, framed on my wall. I like trains.

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