Beautiful 1940s rail ads

From Vintage Ads participant write_light, a triptych of 1940s illustrated rail ads of surpassing loveliness.

Sunday Surplus: The Luxury of Rail Travel in the Forties


  1. And using the name of a Native American tribe for advertising…*shakes head*.  I guess it isn’t as bad as the military taking all our tribal names for weapons…Kiowa, Apache, Commanche…

  2. This harkens back to an age when men wore hats, women knew their place and the only brown people you saw were dressed to serve.

  3. Riding the rails is the way to go! I took a train ride in Norway this spring and rode the 1940s Flam railway. It was awesome. So relaxing, such beautiful scenery. I shot some video with my iPhone out the window if you care to see the incredible view I had.

  4. As a lucky rail buff in Canada (I have been able to travel across Canada and the Rockies many times by train) the CPR had great trains a great train posters

    Here are 3

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