Parkour-style urban skiing


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  1. bo1n6bo1n6 says:

    I’m not a skier but that was badass…we used to build snowboard jumps in our yards but this is on a whole other level, great filming too.

  2. doug rogers says:

    BC Transit bus at the end…. Location? 

  3. oneonethreefour says:

    That’s my bus! doug, your hints are… covered stairways, belching smokestacks… looks like Trail, Rossland, and the bus is in Uphill Nelson. West Kootenays!

  4. georgebailey says:

    Just watching that broke my clavicle.

  5. liquidstar says:

    Danger Will Robinson!  Seriously though,  think the ability to do this should qualify as a superpower.

  6. Jaye Sunsurn says:

    Not 100% but commenters are saying Nelson BC as the location, I have never been there to confirm (it looked Canadian, but I was assuming Quebec until I saw the BC Transit bus)

    • oneonethreefour says:

      You guys calling the whole thing Nelson are gonna cause a riot! Trail, Rossland, Nelson. And oddly, I didn’t know thing one about the video before clicking, but I knew by the roadsigns it was BC… and the covered walkways are definitely Trail.

  7. Spor says:

    JP Auclair has been killing it as one of the early pioneers of free-skiing.  A member of the original Salomon free-skiing team, one of the first corporate sponsored endeavors to promote this progression in skiing.

    here’s another great video of him:
    There are tons more…

    Now: can I express my pet peeve about referring to all unfamiliar gymnastic sports as ‘parkour style-’ this-or-that? I don’t expect everyone to be well versed in the swiftly changing naming conventions of new and evolving sports, but parkour is its own thing,  not some sort of base category for all other sports to be compared to.  Carry on….

  8. OtherMichael says:

    That’s some serious wax.

  9. Spor says:

    Also important to note that this is someone who has likely not paid a Canadian dime for skis in over a decade…

  10. Andrew Parker says:

    From the the film “All I Can” by the Rocky Mountain Sherpas.  This sequence is filmed in Rossland I believe.

  11. LordBlagger says:

    Great – so long as they are rental skis!

  12. “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Infamous Entertainment”

  13. MashTheStampede says:

    There’s something about a video having been taken down that turns on a rabid desire in me to find a working copy and watch it, no matter what it is.  

  14. zebbart says:

    Shoot, I thought I was going to get to watch an exciting video about a cool new sport I’ve never heard of, but the copyright holder took it down. Well, I guess all I can do now is spend 10 or 15 minutes hunting for the thing I don’t know anything about, then find out how to order a copy in the mail and send them a check for it so that in a week or two I can watch whatever this was about. Yep, that’s what I’ll do since the copyright holder does not want me to see how cool this is prior to making that investment. Smart.

  15. Thomas Heald says:

    “I thought I was going to get to watch an exciting video about a cool new sport I’ve never heard of.”
    Um, it’s still skiing, but yes very exciting stuff.

  16. jmv says:

    I just liked the cameo of the BC Transit bus at the end. Nice camerawork too; tracking and panning downhill in an urban environment is tricky!

  17. cato9 says:

    Great, its been pulled. Here i am, ready to be entertained by a snippet that may well encourage me to buy the movie, since it sounds awesome. Oh well, too bad.

  18. kb1 says:

    Likely the reason they’ve pulled this clip is that it’s an edit in its entirety that’s going around with the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour right now. It was probably bootlegged from there.
    Until they realize the error of their ways (or you decide to buy the whole film via iTunes) enjoy this unrelated video, also from JP Auclair:

  19. My Full Name says:

    Here is a working mirror of the video:

  20. Logolepsy says:

    This segment is now available on Vimeo in glorious HD!
    (this version, by the way, it is almost 5 minutes)

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