Oil company changes its name to "Pixar"

A Canadian oil company called Paramount Resources has changed its name to Pixar. Seriously.

Previously known as Paramount Resources, I guess the executives got tired of being named after one of Hollywood’s has-been brands. As far as I can tell, this is not a joke, there’s even a serious sounding press release composed without a hint of irony. It’s being reported in the wider media as well.

Oil Company renames itself Pixar (Thanks, John!)


  1. “Finding Oil”
    “A Barrel’s Life”
    “Drill Story”
    “Drill Story 2”
    “Drill Story 3”
    “Monsters, Inc.”  (woops, couldn’t help myself)

  2. Or, more accurately, Paramount Resources (not to be confused with Paramount Pictures) have created a subsidiary called Pixar Petroleum Corp (not to be confused with Pixar Animation Studios).

  3. Mocked this up when I read the story. Looks like @boingboing-4ebccfb3e317c7789f04f7a558df4537:disqus  and I were on the same page.

  4. My understanding is that made-up names enjoy a stronger degree of trademark protection than generic word marks even if there’s no overlap in the two product lines.  So “Paramount” or or “Apple” or “Acme” might be fair game for companies not competing in the film, computer, or rocket-skate industries, but you’d still be on thin ice trying to sell Kleenex motorcycles or Xerox lingerie… or Pixar gasoline.

  5. There’s an executive staffing agency called “The Tardis Group”, that does indeed have an office in London. I always wondered how they could pull that off without getting sued by the BBC. Isn’t that kind of like a company naming itself “Optimus Prime” or “The Death Star”?

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