Om Malik reflects on a decade of blogging


4 Responses to “Om Malik reflects on a decade of blogging”

  1. benenglish says:

    My God, I’m old.  Thus sayeth the blogger:

    Wait at least 15 minutes before publishing something you’ve written—this will give you enough distance to edit yourself dispassionately.

    Nothing I’ve ever written failed to improve when I let it sit for a day.  Or two.  Then edited, waited another day, and edited again.

    At minimum.

    I accept that if I want to be read in a place like BB, I have no choice but to post within minutes or seconds of initial composition.  I accept that bloggers who are commenting on or reporting on current events are under time pressure. 

    Anything longer than this post, though, is going to take me hours or days.

    I think I’ll go pull a dead tree off the shelf…

    • Guest says:

      but we’re not bloggers ben. I mean, I am, sort of, but here I’m just some guy hanging out on the front porch of someone elses candy store. 

  2. David Llopis says:

    Yeah, well, your worldview’s just, like, your opinion man.

  3. Marc45 says:

    Sharing your world view is the same as sharing your opinion. Just because you do it on a blog and are well respected doesn’t make it less of an opinion.

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