Om Malik reflects on a decade of blogging

"Blogging is not about opinion but it is about viewing the world in a certain way and sharing it with others how you look at things."


  1. My God, I’m old.  Thus sayeth the blogger:

    Wait at least 15 minutes before publishing something you’ve written—this will give you enough distance to edit yourself dispassionately.

    Nothing I’ve ever written failed to improve when I let it sit for a day.  Or two.  Then edited, waited another day, and edited again.

    At minimum.

    I accept that if I want to be read in a place like BB, I have no choice but to post within minutes or seconds of initial composition.  I accept that bloggers who are commenting on or reporting on current events are under time pressure. 

    Anything longer than this post, though, is going to take me hours or days.

    I think I’ll go pull a dead tree off the shelf…

    1. but we’re not bloggers ben. I mean, I am, sort of, but here I’m just some guy hanging out on the front porch of someone elses candy store. 

  2. Sharing your world view is the same as sharing your opinion. Just because you do it on a blog and are well respected doesn’t make it less of an opinion.

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