X is for X-Ray: Cool, interactive kids' app


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  1. Andy Simmons says:

    Sounds like your problem isn’t so much with app development in general, but with Android’s failure to penetrate the market with a unified platform.  Developers know that they can write one universal app, and it will run on both generations of iPad, three generations of iPhone, and probably the last couple of generations of iPod Touch.  That’s a lot of potential customers.  But if they want to release their app on Android, they have to consider the varied landscape of Android device capabilities, form factors, and supported versions of the OS.

    Add to that the fact that report after report has shown that Android users on the whole are apparently reluctant to actually *pay* for apps, and it’s not hard to see why developers find it an easy decision to pass on Android.

    • pizzicato says:

      No need hazarding a guess… Android users are cheapskates, they like being free and free beer! They are also the 99%!

      Yea pretty awesome app thou… A pity, but I wouldn’t spare a dime on it, because I am a android user. You only need to Google Apple customer demographics to show, brand loyalty, income skew, i.e. rich and idolatry

  2. Lobster says:

    “Start up the motor and whiz where you like.”

    Already do, childrens’ e-book.  Already do.

  3. paul beard says:

    Andy Simmons’ response is as clear as anyone could want. Just because something is “free” doesn’t mean market forces are suspended. 

  4. Projectile Grommeting says:

    Maggie, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your contributions. If you would be so kind as to contact me, I would be so kind as to buy you an iPad so that you might see what all the fuss is about.

  5. SteveKiwi says:

    Fucking X-Rays, how do they work?

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