Fun paper puzzle


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  1. awgrbr says:

    a trillion times less mysterious when the paper is a different color on each side.

  2. Glen Able says:

    First you print out the picture of the object onto the rectangular sheet of paper.

    Then find someone who’s clever, hand them the paper and say “Make me one of these or I’ll stab you with these scissors.”

  3. John Ridley says:

    Our science fiction club used that design back in the 80s to print table fliers announcing the Douglas Hofstadter talk that we had coming up.

    We called them 4-dimensional cross coupled heat sinks.

  4. Llama says:

    I saw that on Mr. Wizard’s World when I was a kid.

  5. xzzy says:

    A better accomplishment would be doing it with a single cut.

  6. Glenn Curry says:

    MR Wizard had this on his show in the 80′s

  7. ChurchTucker says:

    Interesting. I saw it right away, but I thought it was too easy and I was missing something. I wonder why this stumps people?

  8. joedwards says:

    haha. well it should be noted that there are two ways you can rotate the paper 180 degrees, (as in clockwise and counter clockwise), and only one of them works. and dummies like me take a long time to catch onto that.

  9. kartwaffles says:

    How is this a puzzle?

    • swankgd says:

      It’s a spatial relations thing.  For some people, it’s not particularly obvious that the paper has been “twisted” to get into this configuration.  So the fact that that vertical flap can’t be bent down to be on the same plane as the entire sheet of paper, if you’re unable to visualize how to it got there, would make it puzzling.

  10. robdobbs says:

    I feel dead chuff I figured it out without looking at the answer – or having a model in front of me. See it once it’s done makes it easier.

  11. Chip says:

    It took me about four seconds to figure it out, then another five to realize it’s because I’ve seen it somewhere before.  It took reading the comments to remember that it was Mr. Wizard!  That show taught me a lot, even when I don’t remember it was the show that did it.

  12. awjt says:

    @XZZY  One cut?  How???  I am trying and trying and can’t get it.

  13. scionofgrace says:

    Wouldn’t have got it half so fast, except I’ve been making origami Christmas ornaments lately.

  14. SamSam says:

    It did take me about 30 seconds, but the ah-ha! moment was definitely worth it.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      I didn’t get the ah-ha! moment.  I’m occasionally surprised when people have trouble visualizing things like this, but then I’m also amazed at people who can sing on-key, juggle four or more items, skate without falling down, or freehand draw anything more complicated than stick figures.  I can’t do any of those.

      But I guess I’m your guy when you need freestanding place cards!

  15. Could be a good business card

  16. Multinörd says:

    I figured it out and made one as soon as I saw it.  Yet as soon as it was finished it I was weirded out by it even more… Even though I figure it out my brain still don’t “get it” and it still seems unnatural, out of this world.

  17. Kimmo says:

    +1 seems basic and straightforward, figured it out in a second.

    Spent ten wondering if I was missing something…

    Guess it could be a handy test to determine spatial skills

  18. John Neumann says:

    I ran offset presses for 15 years and during the long, mind-numbing runs found an outlet in decorative paper crafting (and airplane folding but that’s a different story). I would make these and show them off to customers or vendors walking through the shop floor and ask if they had ever seen our line of 3-sided paper. The effect was best when it was carefully mounted onto a piece of cardboard. 

    Ahh, the simple times were sometimes the best. 

  19. Stephen Douglas says:

    Took me a few seconds, then a few more seconds thinking I was missing something because it hadn’t taken me long. Then a few more seconds to actually try it.

  20. D. Keith Higgs says:

    Attatch a paper clip to the center leg and you have a paper helicopter

  21. nateniph says:

    I found an alternate solution (or a different problem)…When I saw the picture I thought the center flap was doubled (folded at the apex).  You can still do it, but it takes more cutting and thinking. 

  22. Chuck Brown says:

    Well, I’m only a PARTIAL idiot, and even after looking at the answer, I’m still not getting it.

    Someone with a brain should make a nice, well-lit video and post it on YouTube. Revenue-sharing millions…here you come! LOL.

  23. BrianTheB says:

    Facepalming the scientific and math skills of the average American.  This is not sad, this is pathetic.

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