Gingerbread AT-AT

This gingerbread AT-AT Walker is on display at Orange County's Discovery Science Museum. It's the creation of Black Market Bakery, and a fine addition to the AT-AT remixes we've featured over the years.

Another view of the AT-AT of gingerbread at the Discovery Science Museum... (via Neatorama)


  1. Nice. I’ve never thought an AT-AT looked particularly delicious until now…

    Also nice to see the AT-AT with the cone of shame in the Boing Boing store article from a recent days was changed to link to the original design by Go Ape.

  2. I showed my 6 and 9 year old kids and now they will bug mommy until she helps them make one of these.  She is a pastry chef, so I am naturally saved from doing any of the hard work. I’ll mostly just get to admire and eat it.

    1. People actually eat gingerbread houses?

      Usually around Easter and after drinking a great deal of alcohol.

  3. In case anyone’s wondering, the Discovery Science Museum is very much a typical watered-down kid-oriented science museum, but it wouldn’t be a bad place to take the kids. There are some very cool interactive things there. But if you’re used to bigger science museums, like the Ontario Science Center in Toronto I went to frequently as a kid, you (and your kids) will be sorely disappointed.

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