Twitter buys secure communications company that helped hack the Arab Spring


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  1. CryptoUser says:

    Cory, it’s surprising that you’d say that about convergence without also mentioning (which isn’t implemented yet, but seems like a better approach to me).

    I’m really glad this acquisition has happened, since it has resulted in the surprising revelation (to many people, at least; I didn’t know and I don’t see it written anywhere) that Moxie’s RedPhone requires his server to operate (which is temporarily offline during the transition period)!

    Moxie is obviously a very smart guy; I really wish he would stop promoting the crazy notion that closed-source crypto software is in any way credible.

    • Loris Cuoghi says:

      Thank you very much CryptoUser! I’ve been researching solutions to public key infrastructure and its problems during the last months. I’ve evaluated the Perspectives project,  and Moxie’s implementation as Convergence is what I’m currently implementing myself in a client software. Now I’d kick myself for not stumbling upon The Sovereign Keys project earlier, thank you so much for sharing!

  2. mindtheink says:

    I think they bought the company just so people at Twitter could introduce their new employee: Moxie Marlinspike. Seriously, that is the best name.

  3. Cowicide says:

    I like the graphic here at the convergence website:

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