5 Photoshop Disasters to astound and amuse

Photoshop Disasters presents a gallery of bizarrely-photoshopped images that made it into print or online.

Thought-controlled Air Mouse?

Cracks are beginning to appear in the Corner Cubby campaign as child actor complains of interdimensional leakage.

Reading is a great way to get ahead.

The models for Beachmall are so stunningly beautiful that they have watermarked the images (repeatedly) so that no-one will steal them.

There must be a lot of identical twins in England, and many of them posed for this picture.

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  1. RE identical twins:

    My first stay at a summer camp, in 1970, included several visits to the infirmary . . . I was a filthy little kid and got Pink Eye or impetigo or something.

    Outside the door was a poster for the Boys’ Clubs organization. It featured a sea of happy kid faces. I realized at one point that there were only about a dozen individual kids. They’d been cut out and reproduced and repasted (probably literally pasted) to create a crowd scene. Premordial ‘shopping!

  2. My first thought on the floating air mouse had nothing to do with the mouse.  The guy’s arm ends at the sleeve…OR…he’s managed to slip his arm THROUGH the sign, which is pretty amazing… 

  3. The Air Mouse revolution has began, the first victim having lost his hand down to the wrist!

    The book head guy one looks intentional /shrug

  4. If that baby had been in a high-end, self-folding stroller, he could have been saved the trauma of tearing a hole in space and time.

  5. The Air Mouse example looks like just one part of a store display which hasn’t been assembled properly. There’s probably supposed to be a separate cardboard piece shaped like the guy’s hand holding the product out from the background, but it hasn’t been attached.

  6. Having lived in the catchment area for Tendring District Council, which is very rural, I can vouch that there are a lot of strange things going on deep in the Essex countryside that you do not want to know about in too much detail …

  7. I kinda like that last one, a sea of infinite people, with only a few faces, half facing one way, half the other. SPOILER: they are all Cylons.

  8. I thought the disaster in the BeachMall photo was the model’s face having been badly Photoshopped in at the wrong angle and with the wrong skin tone.

    1. that’s what i thought too! i didn’t even notice the multiple watermarks until i read the description :D

    2. That is what the Disaster is. The whole comment about the watermark because of the “beautiful models” was sarcasm.

  9. The people who run Photoshop Disasters come off as smug and self-congratulatory.  A lot of the “disasters” they post are not that obvious. Half the people commenting can’t agree what the “disaster” is supposed to be. Yet, instead of pointing out what you’re supposed to be looking at, they make unfunny sarcastic comments, like schoolchildren who think they’re part of some special club. Such an irritating site.

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