Aliens: on ice!

Austin's Old Murder House Theater has mounted a rendition of Aliens -- on ice! It's more or less faithful to the original, and it's, well, stupendous:

Anyone who has seen Aliens can follow what transpires over the next 70 minutes or so. It's James Cameron's film on fastforward…and caffeine…and possibly cocaine. The show captures the little details and turns of phrases that fans will know by heart and cast makes creative use of the ice, never standing still when they have to. Ripley's confrontation with the board that accuses her of destroying the ship from the first film is transformed into humorously blunt exchange, with every party involved skating around each other in menacing circles. The colonial marines searching the seemingly abandoned colony of LV421 becomes a showcase for humorously clumsy figure skating. The subtle relationship between Ripley and Hicks becomes gloriously unsubtle when the two share a brief little spin together on the ice.

These guys may not be professional skaters, but they're not bad. Not bad at all. They're certainly not afraid of the ice and they're not afraid of taking risks. When they do stumble, they play it off beautifully and keep moving. They make the "on ice" part of the show look effortless until they make a mistake and then it becomes a newly improvised joke. Using expert skaters as the aliens is a truly inspired choice and seeing the aliens literally skate circles around the clumsy humans is a genuinely thrilling experience.

'Aliens on Ice': The Review (With Video!) (via JWZ)


  1. O MY GAWD that is amazing, I havent even seen the video and Im amazed already.
    Next up: Nausicaa on Ice?  Please?

  2. How can this be anything but win? But it is humbling for me. I always rolled my eyes at StarWars fans who did this sort of thing. The glee I feel just hearing the words “Aliens on Ice” means I can’t justify the sense of superiority I felt. But this does not mean I’m going to be picking up those Alien bed sheets at Linens & Things any time soon. 

  3. How did I miss this!  That’s just down the road from me!  It looks like they did two shows in November, haven’t been able to find any info on them doing any more, but that would kick so much ass!!!

  4. Peter, I know! I’m ashamed that I live in Austin and had to read about this after the fact on BoingBoing!

    Even the linked article doesn’t provide any actual links to this theater company or anything about the event.

    1. From the linked article, it appears the core company of actors, the folks who did this and have done other shows in the part, is six guys.

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