All new Submitterator!

Submitterator is back and better than ever! We learned a lot from our original public submission system (basically a reader-generated blog), and I've made a few key changes to help you get your cool stuff to the right people at Boing Boing, and make it easier for everyone else to enjoy your submissions too:

You'll need a Boing Boing user account to submit to Submitterator. The private submission form is still available if you'd rather use that.

You're welcome to tell us about things you make and things you sell: once. Apart from this, there is zero tolerance for spam and inappropriate submissions. I'll be actively improving Submitterator, so look forward to changes as it grows!

Tell us about what's wonderful by using the Submitterator!


  1. What the heck is going on with user accounts? I think I inadvertently created a new one when I logged onto Submiterrator.

    This new one doesn’t seem properly synced with my Disqus account, even though I used the same user name (stefanj).

  2. The submissions queue doesn’t use your Disqus account, it requires a BB native one. Disqus is good for comments, but not for handling submissions.

    So you can log into the comments at BB with a BB account, Disqus account, whatever — but you can only use a ‘proper’ BB account to get into submitterator.

  3. I could really do without the “Leave Page/Stay on Page” prompt when closing the Submitterator tab or clicking Back in the browser in Firefox.

    1. It would also be nice if you can be logged into both Disqus and BB, and still be able to comment with your Disqus account.

      Edit: Nevermind, I guess I had to re-merge the BB account to Disqus.

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