Genki Sudo and World Order: "Machine Civilization"

[Video Link] Genki Sudo and World Order, "MACHINE CIVILIZATION." An amazing piece of choreography, link sent to us by David Byrne, via Brian Eno. The Coilhouse folks blogged more details about this work when it first came out in April; it is a response to the March 11 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. You can buy the album here.


  1. Genki Sudo: musician, choreographer… MMA fighter.

    The guy can out-dance you or dislocate your arm, your pick.

  2. Dang, I thought that was going to be a new video. I eagerly await anything new from this guy.

    A very interesting person.

    UPDATE: Found a new video!

  3. Well I haven’t seen it before and I thought it was great!

    (And did these guys have something to do with Yuki’s video ‘Joy?’)

  4. possibly the most naturally talented fighter to have ever walked amongst men and one of the coolest humans ever.

  5. I particularly like their Mind Shift 1 video where they go into an urban Buddhist temple at night. Makes me smile. They’re like a tribe of soulful salaryman machines just getting along in a big indifferent world a little ways into the future. 

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