Genki Sudo and World Order: "Machine Civilization"


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  1. Judonerd says:

    Genki Sudo: musician, choreographer… MMA fighter.

    The guy can out-dance you or dislocate your arm, your pick.

  2. davidasposted says:

    I would like to travel back in time and punch the person who invented autotune in the face.

  3. Dave Jenkins says:


  4. robdobbs says:

    Dang, I thought that was going to be a new video. I eagerly await anything new from this guy.

    A very interesting person.

    UPDATE: Found a new video!!

  5. Sterno Dare says:

    The choreography reminds me of butoh:

  6. fergus1948 says:

    Well I haven’t seen it before and I thought it was great!

    (And did these guys have something to do with Yuki’s video ‘Joy?’)

  7. noah django says:

    \(^ ^)/
    the guy with the coffee cup and the tray is best

  8. miasm says:

    possibly the most naturally talented fighter to have ever walked amongst men and one of the coolest humans ever.

  9. Eric Hunting says:

    I particularly like their Mind Shift 1 video where they go into an urban Buddhist temple at night. Makes me smile. They’re like a tribe of soulful salaryman machines just getting along in a big indifferent world a little ways into the future. 

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