Kosovo's futuristic library

Behold: the futuristic glory of Kosovo's central library.

Kosovo Public Library (imgur.com)


  1. Alas, it is retro futuristic, as it was built decades ago, in some better times. These domes are supposed to evoke characteristic white hats, part of Albanian traditional national costume.

  2. Dymaxion Modular Library: scientifically optimized for maximum knowledge conveyence per structural element.

  3. I’m pretty sure they haven’t taken the wrapping off of it yet. The chain-link-fence material is just holding it together while the glue dries.

  4. I’m sure than any fellow graduate of the University of Tennessee will recognize that it’s a nothing more than a shiny Hodges Library / Q-Bert playfield wannabe.

  5. I thought that the smallish, far shot was impressive and unique.

    Upon closer inspection ( and aided by the enlarged image)  I was horrified.

    What the Hell!?!

    1. Agree. In the small BB picture it looked intriguing, but the blow up gave an entirely different impression…

      … but it is slightly evocative, in an interesting way, of the way reality starts splintering once the tryptamines hit your bloodstream. Seriously.

  6. Looks like something out of Justin Dahinden’s “Urban Structures of the Future”, which introduced me to all sorts of ideas (that we’ve not yet used). Good book.

  7. It may not be the prettiest structure in the world, but it does look like a HUGE library!

    And give the fact that many American cities are simply gutting their own libraries these days, I’d say Kosovo has done very well for itself (especially having been through a brutal, and too often forgotten, war only a decade and a half ago!).

  8. In case of imminent planetary destruction, the structure detaches and becomes a space ark filled with the smartest peeps and all the knowledge. 

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