My Flower painting available as a print at Thumbtack Press


I love Thumbtack Press, because they make excellent art prints, offer high quality framing of the prints they sell, and pay their artists a very good commission. I've been offering my work at Thumbtack Press for years, and couldn't be more pleased with their service and product quality.

Today, they introduced my latest print, Flower, Daughter of Googam, which is based on a painting I did for a Jack Kirby Museum benefit art show. You can buy the print in a variety of formats and sizes, including stretched canvas, which looks very much like a painting.

Flower, Daughter of Googam on Thumbtack Press


  1. Every schoolboy knows you haven’t really seen a woman’s breast unless you’ve seen the nipple. Pretty illustration, though.

        1. True that. Plus if he bends instead of standing firm on “It’s my house too!” he earns a veto for when she says “Honey! Let’s go get a papasan chair from Pier 1!”

  2. I’m still not used to seeing the words “Artist’s Statement” followed by a paragraph that isn’t a great big mass of waffling wank…

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