Nottingham hackspace growing

David from Nottinghack -- the hackspace in Nottingham, England -- writes, "It's been six months since we moved into a 4500 square foot hackspace, in large part thanks to Boing Boing featuring our cause in May. We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, and to all of the people who generously donated to keep the hackspace going. For those who requested it, we've painted your names on our wall, and made a time lapse video of the final coat going up. There's also now a hackspace manual showing a lot of the projects done and facilities now available at the space. Membership has been growing steadily ever since we moved in, and as a result, among many things we've been able to put in place laser cutters, CNC machines, a metal lathe, PCB etching equipment and bicycle repair facilities. All things we had no room for at the old space!"

Time Lapse: Nottinghack Wall of Friends


  1. It’s nice to see they’re doing well.  I only wish the hackspace here in Toronto didn’t charge memberships on par with expensive private gyms so that unwealthy people could use it.  I’d be really cool to have access to facilities like that, but that’ll obviously never happen.

      1. The only the one that I know of is in Kensington Market.  There’s something called ‘site 3’ elsewhere, which is for artists only, so I’d certainly not be welcome there.  And if I could start a hackspace out my own pocket I’d obviously be well off enough to just join a pre-existing one. But thanks anyway, guys. I’ll just have to do without.

        1. bguy, it doesn’t necessarily take a lot from your own pocket. Nottinghack started as three of us in a pub in February 2010, then a small group meeting in a room above it every few weeks.

          For those first few months of running it there, it cost us pennies, which allowed us to run a few events on soldering, toy hacking and arduinos. That attracted a slightly larger group of interested people, which meant we could then think about scaling up a bit. There were two different, tiny spaces between then and where we are now.

  2. There are lots of “Hacker Spaces” deserving of support. A few have memberships inexpensive enough to support from afar. Our local space Dallas Maker Space – moved to a much larger facility and had a fantastic open house. I believe they gained 20+ members, including myself. Great bunch of people and more than a few good tools. Members are working hard to add to the suite of tools and upgrading the rest. The space has a Bio Lab, Darkroom, Electronics/Robotics room, Crafts room, AV room, Classroom for 20+ people with projector and large screen TV, warehouse with CNC mill, lathes, bandsaws, drill presses, etc. Currently has a Fiero to electric car conversion project going out there. If you are in the North Texas area come by for a visit.

    1. Same here, in my peripheral vision it did indeed. It also looks like those guys are pissing on the wall.

  3. The Logo was designed by Matthew Irvine Brown – details here and is used by several (though not all) UK based hackspaces.

    I’m sure any similarities to the swastika are unintentional.

    That said, having a simple geometric shape made it easier for me to scale it & paint on the wall.

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