Snake charmer releases cobras in tax office

A snake charmer in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was angry that the government did not grant him a plot of land to keep his reptiles. So he went into the state's tax office and released a slew of snakes, including poisonous cobras. From The Telegraph:

Workers stood on chairs and shook table clothes at the hissing reptiles as excited crowds gathered outside.

Hakkul later told reporters that a district magistrate had promised him a plot of land for his snakes two years ago.

"I am a conservationist and have been seeking the government's help. Having waited patiently for so long, I had no option but to leave all my snakes in this office."

"Indian snake charmer releases cobras in tax office protest"


  1. “I am a conservationist and have been seeking the government’s help. Having waited patiently for so long, I had no option but to leave all my snakes in this office.”

    No other options.

    None whatsoever.

    At least none that would make the news so quickly.

      1. I whole-heartedly concur regarding Indian bureaucracy, which is legendary.  The snakes could only love it there.

        1. I went to buy a train ticket in Delhi, which apparently required some special permission for non-Indians, so I was directed upstairs to an office.  There were eight men at eight desks in a circuit.  I went to the desk closest to the door, and the guy stared silently at my passport for a couple of minutes before sending me to the next desk.  Each one sent me to the next desk until I ended up back at the first desk after three quarters of an hour, at which point he gave me the form.  There were no other customers, and the whole department was devoted to nothing but approving foreigner train ticket purchases.

  2. Hmm. Unleashing poisonous reptiles into a government facility…

    Could dark overlords similar to these be what are really behind our plastic politicians’ smiles?

    But then, at least he didn’t dump a bag of politicians into a snake pit. Those poor snakes wouldn’t even have the luxury of climbing up on tables to get away from the posturing rhetoric and inane talking points :~

    1. In the state I live in, we have some snake handling churches (you know, Pentecostals who drape rattlesnakes all over themselves so that God will protect them).

      If their God were truly powerful, they would handle politicians instead.


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  4. Cobras aten’t poisonous. No snakes are. (Cobras, and some other snakes, are venomous, though.) To paraphrase Sven Birkerts, language is the ozone layer of the soul, and we thin it at our peril.

  5. Best anti-corruption protest EVAR.

    For those who didn’t bother to read the subtitles: his permit was approved by the higher-ups but the low-level tax officials wouldn’t give him his documents until he paid bribe after bribe which, needless to say, he couldn’t afford.

  6. If someone released a bunch of venomous, belly-slithering reptiles inside a UK Tax Office, would anyone be able to tell them apart from the staff?

    1. Although I have plenty of issues with the way that the IRS runs, I have to say that almost every agent that I’ve dealt with has been very nice and tried to help me minimize my tax burden.  I don’t really understand how they can work in that situation.

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