Why would a battery burst into flame?


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  1. OldBrownSquirrel says:

    One wonders whether reports of cell phone and laptop batteries catching fire is a delayed result of their having been dropped.

    • relawson says:

      Such wisdom from an Old Brown Squirrel…

      That thought never crossed my mind as its been a while since I’ve heard those stories.

  2. SvenOrtmann says:

    Aren’t the Tesla cars powered by gazillions of small laptop batteries?
    How could that procedure possibly be applied to them?

    By the way; submarines had issues with concussion of battery packs during WW2 as well (when depth charges exploded nearby). Battery leaks and the combination with water were a major hazard during that time.

  3. Shawn Christy says:

    In PM, GM says the NHTSA test vehicle was a prototype not equipped with production features that de-power the battery upon impact. PM also describes possible damage to the battery’s cooling system. 


  4. Charlie B says:

    The dangers of lithium-ion batteries are the reason Toyota used nickle-metal-hydride in my first-generation Prius.

    Tesla motors, on the other claw, said “let’s see – is it as dangerous as gasoline?  No?  Fuck it then, build that sucker.”

  5. benher says:

    Answer: It was made with pride in the USA

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