Bruce Sterling keynote from Art and Environment conference

A reader writes, "Author and futurist Bruce Sterling wraps-up the 2011 Art + Environment Conference at the Nevada Museum of Art in downtown Reno. 28 minutes of laying it down."

Goddamn I love listening to Chairman Bruce lay it down and pick it up again.

Bruce Sterling Closes the 2011 A+E Conference - Full version


  1. Wow. From hi-there-all-you-nice-folks to death, domesticating fire ants, and the meaning of Huckleberry Finn, in 28 minutes. Once again, it’s worth watching Bruce chew tobacco and spit, then wind up and pitch dozens of fastballs for the finale. Thanks, Cory!

  2. this is the first inspiring video i’ve seen in months. thank you, boingboing. i <3 you and bruce sterling.

  3. The debatable assumption here being that art will matter at all in a post peak oil/water/soil/democracy/{yours} society.  “Art as varnish on barbarism” assumes a prosperous barbarism. An alt formulation might be art as flower on a healthy society: making art while the sun shines.

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