Massive giant weta insect as big as your hand


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  1. Art says:

    To paraphrase Tommy Lee Jones, “That’s a BIG weta”!

  2. Hanglyman says:

    Awww, what a cute little bunny. Now, where did I put my glasses?

  3. stayzuplate says:

    The story includes a nice lesson on evolution: “Their size is an example of island gigantism, which is a biological phenomenon leading to a larger size than their mainland relatives because of their isolation and lack of large predators.”

  4. spacemunky says:

    I just picture Bear Grylls biting into that big, squishy abdomen.

  5. corydodt says:


    I was going to come over here and snark on the post title, but that thing really IS massive and giant.

  6. pumuckl says:

    That gives a whole new meaning to “Bugs Bunny”.

  7. blepom says:

    For a gargantuan insect, it’s kind of cute.

  8. BrotherPower says:

    Maybe this exposure will finally make “WETA” an acceptable word in Words With Friends. That shit frustrates me weekly!

  9. Nick Gold says:

    I have to say, that thing is actually kind of cute.

  10. EH says:

    Another Chrome crash on Boing Boing.

  11. RJ says:

    Wetas are usually only big enough to occupy most of an average man’s palm (or roughly the size of a fat hamster). Finding this girl is like finding a wolf as big as a bison. I hope she’s prolific; the weta species could use some more robust members among them.

    For sheer personality, though, I still like the slightly smaller kabutomushi, or Japanese rhinoceros beetle.

  12. Raum187 says:

    Few corrections.  This Giant Weta is not the “largest ever found”, and does not weigh 71 grams.  NZ experts say this appears to be an average sized Giant Weta and that the largest one recorded was 71 grams (not THIS one). The guy is an ex American park ranger, not a New Zealand DOC ranger – he’s a tourist in this context. 

    Love that photo though…

  13. Donna Hamilton says:

    The Giant weta certainly are HUGE, but common garden weta can be found throughout NZ. The name weta comes from the Maori word “wetapunga” which means God of ugly things.

  14. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I don’t understand why anyone finds this more alarming than a chipmunk, an animal of comparable size and bite power.

  15. Palefire says:

    I run into one of those things and I’ll “weta” my pants.

    Rimshot, please.

  16. dexitroboper says:

    That’s not a weta, this is a weta.

  17. papiermeister says:

    Not a fan of giant bugs of any sort. Someone will need to rock me to sleep tonight. Cannot unsee…

  18. zuben says:

    Taking the carrot away from the very large weta = baaaad idea.

    • t3kna2007 says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing.  Leave a large, hungry weta behind you as you walk away, with it up in a tree so it has a height advantage as it fixes its angry eyes on the exposed skin of the back of your neck? Nooo-nooo-nooo.

  19. procrustinator says:

    I want one

  20. daemonsquire says:

    Wait a second: can’t anyone tell by the pixels this is fake?!?  And isn’t “Weta” Peter Jackson’s NZ special effects shop?  Hmph.  I’m not buying it.  This is surely some viral campaign for an upcoming giant insect invasion pic!  And don’t go trying to tell me the SPFX shop was named after the bug

  21. Mister44 says:

    Things like this is why man harnessed fire. And high capacity magazines.

  22. SoItBegins says:

    So that’s what Weta Workshop is named after!

  23. CountZero says:

    Wow! Just… wow. I’ve got a photo I took last year of a Great Green Cricket, a native British insect sat on my hand, which was probably around two inches long, and I thought that was pretty big.. One of these Weta would have probably eaten it.

  24. Syn - says:

    Is that a weta in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  25. Donna Hamilton says:

    see this video about finding the tree/bush weta;

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