Real PACs take their names from satirical PAC-name generator


7 Responses to “Real PACs take their names from satirical PAC-name generator”

  1. s2redux says:

    Partnership for America, Patriots for a Better America,  Voters for Justice, Citizens For Lower Taxes all seem fairly natural; hard to conclude they were “generated.” OTOH, if a PAC named “The Rebel Alliance for a Better Economy” shows up, I’ll become a believer…

    • bob d says:

      Yeah, these are all using the same meaninglessly “positive” words that were previously used by PACs that the name generator was created to satirize.  Which is to say: it’s the same type and degree of gobbledygook that’s been in use for a while.

    • Isaac Marx says:

      Personally, I’m holding out for Ragamuffins, Scallywags and Vandals against Soviet Russia.

  2. saint_al says:

    “Harmless Friendly Folks for the Security PAC” seems innocuous enough for the current times.

  3. A. . says:

    Gentlemen Of Verona Against Fascism all the way, citizens!

  4. Matthew Thompson says:

    This does not surprise me. A good friend of mine, in one of her first jobs as a lawyer was given the task of creating shell corporations for clients of her firm. She named most of the shells after companies from The Simpsons (for instance, she named one Globex).

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