Tired and emotional RIM executives force plane to land


14 Responses to “Tired and emotional RIM executives force plane to land”

  1. artboy says:

    The article says they were drunken and unruly, your header says they were tired and emotional. That’s a big difference. I’d go with “drunken assholes”.

  2. BrotherPower says:

    No more RIM jobs for them.

  3. Rename the product, would that help? Brightberry? Happyberry? Lightberry? Or for the holidays, Hollyberry (or is that taken?)

  4. technobach says:

    Those poor executives, not having their own private jet to be drunk on.

  5. Just_Ok says:

    just a money grab by Air Canada

  6. Brainspore says:

    Just one more technological wonder they drove into the ground.

  7. Guest says:

    This kind of thing would never happen to me because when I am intoxicated I am sexy and hilarious.

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