Surrealist animator Cyriak interviewed


6 Responses to “Surrealist animator Cyriak interviewed”

  1. Lobster says:

    It was so awesome to see Cyriak’s work on Adult Swim.  I love it when talent gets recognized.  Even if that talent involves spider-cows.

    • flosofl says:

      I just wasted 30 mins on his YouTube channel because of this. Not complaining, mind you.

      (anyone else with cats notice that his animation Meow Mix drives them absolutely insane?)

  2. My 4 year old was digging the dancing cows.

  3. librtee_dot_com says:

    Fuck! I recently spent more than an hour trying to find this guy. I guess a search for ‘surreal animator’ might have hit gold. Cyriak. Cyriak! I’m bookmarking a search for him!

  4. Kitty City is fun and disturbing at the same time.

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