A limerick for the Higgs boson

"They said when the collider goes on
Soon they'd see that elusive boson
Very soon we shall hear
Whether Cern finds it this year
But it's something I won't bet very much on."
— Shelly Glashow, Boston University. Nobel prize in physics, 1979
From a collection of physicists' statements on the Higgs boson in The Guardian. (Via Ed Yong)


  1. i had higher hopes for a limerick about the sexiest physics running.

    and yet, here i sit pelting it with slingshots instead of writing my own.  congratulations on your nobel prize, at least.

  2. Ow the scansion. How about

    They claimed that when LHC goes on
    They’d soon see that e-lusive boson
    We soon hope to hear
    That’s CERN’s found it this year
    But it’s not something I’d bet five doll-ars on

  3. The Higgs Boson might give us mass,
    So I hope that this doesn’t sound crass.
    Very soon we will hear,
    If they’ve found it this year.
    But this search is a pain in the …

  4. It’s derived from the electroweak

    And should appear with an LHC tweak,

    But with this Higg’s boson

    They might be stringing us on

    With another unconfirmed leak.

  5. There once was a lab we called CERN
    and their goal was simply to learn
    the cause of the mass
    in your mother’s large ass
    Yes, you read one that right.  Burn!

  6. meanwhile, in the “the glass is half empty” department:

    in the quest to discover the boson
    i presume that the year is a close one
    when we’ll finally find
    that the last of it’s kind
    long ago died from mass – ive exhaustion

  7. I would have hoped that – the meter of poetry being mathematical and all – that the limerick could at least be proper. 

    So they have a collidor at Cern,
    With which they have hopes they will learn,
    If a particle’s God,
    And if so, well, how odd
    But, I honestly don’t give a durn.

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