Dog decorating competition

How do you know it's a dog decorating competition and not a dog grooming competition? When the judge says it's is "a dog grooming competition... not a dog decorating competition."
Vice visits the Grooming Expo in Hershey, Pennsylvania. VICE says, "These pet owners don’t just doodle on their poodles, they turn their finest furry friends into hippies, unicorns, tigers, dinosaurs, and cartoon characters."

See the video here: Dog Grooming Expo on Vice's The Cute Show

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  1. The most costume-related torment I ever put our dog through was to dress her up as Chewbacca for Halloween. But she’s a golden retriever so she was 95% of the way there already.

  2. I think  I’ll  ‘groom’ my Christmas tree  this year. The word decorate suddenly seems downright cruel.

  3. Like all animal competitions, this seems weird to me.
    However, unlike “normal” grooming competitions, I can understand how this might actually be kind of fun to do.

    1. Aaaaaaaaah! Kill it with fire!!

      Oh, wait, it’s just a dog.

      Wouldn’t you be happy if you spotted a manticore or a chimera?

  4. Of course animals like having both their hair dyed and having their own natural smell removed and replaced with something resembling that of a metallic rust scent. 

    The strategic shaving is appreciated too so that when they sleep that can have both warm spots and cold spots.

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