Future Fossils: contemporary technological artifacts cast in concrete


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  1. phisrow says:

    I like them as sculptural pieces. The one thing, though, that strikes me as missing as ‘fossils’ is that virtually nothing fossilizes like that:

    Things fossilize in ways that simultaneously strip away detail(tissues decay, only some components are mineralized, skeletons are disrupted) and reveal subtle hints of things (internal anatomy, distribution of hard and soft tissues, manner of death, etc.) that may not have even been readily visible during life or use.

    A concrete casting of something weathers just like a lump of concrete. The camera, though, or the controller, would decay in a completely different, and much subtler, way. 

  2. Stjohn says:

    Casting a Technics SL1200MkII in concrete is redundant.

  3. Where have I seen this concrete “fossil” of an atari joystick before?  Oh yeah… This guy: http://boingboing.net/2009/05/19/more-fossilized-mode.html

    • BoulderBay says:

      Having just followed Christopher Locke’s link above, I would say ‘great minds think alike’.  We’ve been making Future Fossils for a couple years and were unaware of Modern Fossils. That being said, we are now fans of Heartless Machine!  –  Bughouse

  4. mccrum says:

    The way Olympus is going, they might be fossils sooner rather than later.

  5. Blake Simpkins says:

    woohoo!  my cousin is half of bughouse.  check out there other art series’ as well.

  6. Would plastic fossilize? Doesn’t seem porous enough for minerals to replace the organics. 

  7. As bughouse correctly state themselves, it is cement, not concrete the items are made from. Aggregate is the primary difference.

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