Kid builds working farm equipment out of Lego

Avi sez, "Warren Seely tore apart his first tractor engine when he was six. When he was about 12, he started making farm equipment out of LEGOs. Warren's LEGO equipment works just like the real thing -- only smaller." (Thanks, Avi!)


  1. Very cool. I have to say the music in the video is too loud and quite annoying, it´s still worth watching though.

  2. Clatskanie, Wa.
    Most people living in the area now are mostly Scandinavian. I mention this because I believe humans are breeds too. And some have knowledge in their blood. Like specialized breeds of dogs, this knowledge  can be turned “on” or remain “off”.  The Scandinavians have an  amazing  engineering history. 

    I also believe that, for some people, their last name holds a part of their history too. Seely, Seeley, Saelig: Happy, fortunate, a calm demeanor and  good natured.

    So Warren, follow your fortunes and forget WSU and head for DTU!

    1. I believe humans are breeds too

      Right, you know that view is pretty unpopular these days, don’t you?

    2. It’s true, most of these people have an otherwise inexplicable longing to wear pointy hats and raid England.  They also have an inherent knowledge of how to row in unison and cut the blood eagle!  YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN THAT!

      Next up, Time Cube.

    3. I understand what you tried to say, but you said it so wrong and if you really thought about it,  you’d realise it’s not true.

      I’ve been to both norway and sweden and they got dumb and clever people same as anywhere else.

      Maybe this boy is just the way he is because his parent’s raised him that way? Tha would mean that these people could have raised a child that was from anywhere on the planet and it would still come out the same.

      There’s once race, breed, whatever you wanna call it, and it’s Human. Physical differences are something insignificant, that was demonised so one group of people can justify exploiting another.

  3. Awesome!!!! He will be an amazing, innovative agricultural equipment engineer if he wants to be.  Problem is he’d be bored to death in an engineering program, probably.

    This has me thinking… what else can we turn into toys that kids can have fun playing with, but meanwhile they are learning creative design thinking for some system.

  4. Someone at an agricultural equipment firm needs to give this guy a job building models and designing safety demos for people studying agricultural science. Lego could have a whole new market in industrial models. A metal model can still tear off a bunch of skin if you put your finger in the wrong place, a lego model may pinch you and leave a bruise, but it’s not likely to seriously do any damage.

  5. Remins me of this old beauty: 
    Ca 1978 iirc. Still one of my fav LEGO sets ever. Btw, the soft rubber in the tires on the big back wheels still is, well, soft and rubbery. I wonder what kind of other-worldly stuff they put in those things to keep them from drying out.

    And they are great for building  LEGO versions of this:

  6. Thanks for posting my video, Boing Boing. FYI, Clatskanie is in Oregon, not Wash. Warren is at Washington State University now and is indeed majoring in engineering, with an eye on doubling in agricultural technology. He has already consulted with Pacific Northwest ag equipment vendors because, as one commenter pointed out, his models are perfect for teaching the safe use of ag equipment. Folks may also be interested to know that I am documenting a regional robotics program that involves a bunch of kids from the tiny farming towns around WSU.

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