Bots flood Twitter with noise to drown out anti-Kremlin tweets


11 Responses to “Bots flood Twitter with noise to drown out anti-Kremlin tweets”

  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Russians clearly conduct human-sheep romances very differently than most other nationalities.

  2. Mina Jade says:

    Putin would deserve being badmouthed – everybody in Eastern Europe knows that.

  3. Tom_Has_Doubts says:

    What about Party Of Five?

  4. R_Young says:

    Dammit, even the Russians are copying Newt Gingrich!  

  5. Mina Jade says:

    Newt Gingrich, that was good! And true – both ones are vile.

  6. w says:

    As seen on TV products do the same type of thing with online reviews for their products, making it  impossible to get a real picture of the products on the internet. Some of these “online reputation defender” probably do something similar as well. Maybe the Kremlin hired “” over the summer???

  7. WOW, this one really explains it all, as blatent as it gets, (hit cc for subs),

  8. angusm says:

    Because you know your cause is just when you have to summon up an army of a thousand robots to promote it.

  9. ill lich says:

    I’m sure world leaders everywhere noted what happened in Egypt and Tunisia, and immediately took steps to counter any type of social media spawned revolt.  Remember Gingrich and his one million fake Facebook friends?  Now imagine a President Gingrich dealing with mass protests on twitter.

    As an aside, “fucked in the mouth” (ебать  в  рот) is a common Russian curse though I prefer the also common “fucked in the nose”(ебать  в нос) , simply because there seems to be no equivalent in English (and the imagery is. . . unsettling.)

  10. symbioid says:

    Livejournal, being the most popular blogging site in the Russian Blogosphere, has suffered from a lot of DDOS attacks this past month, and I have no doubt that it is due to the elections.

  11. Guest says:

    Where do intelligent sheep get fucked by oligarchs?

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