Everybody's happy nowadays

Ah, civilization! (Via Mitch O'Connell)


    1. I want whatever that hair dryer thing is – because it clearly isn’t ACTUALLY a hair dryer, because the girl’s hair isn’t wet.

      1. It’s a bloody  effective hair-dryer. That’s why her hair is dry already. Vorsprung durch thingumajig…. My German’s pretty rusty, but actually, I think the bit that begins  “Zum Frisieren…” indicates that it is a dual-function thingumajig, able to both dry and curl hair with terrifying teutonic efficiency.

        1. They basically just state that it has a strong setting (more pressure and heat to dry the hair) and a mild setting to curl the hair (a mild stream of warm air) .

          If American gadgets don’t do this, it’s not a sign of bad engineering but superior marketing. :-)

  1. Ach du lieber!  I think that lady is wearing a Frauenfelder on her head, nicht wahr?


  2. I’ve actually seen that exact wallpaper patterned derp hat in action. 
    As incomprehensible now as it was then. 
    The wearer couldn’t hear anything because the device went: “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…”  , while it made hot air. 
    It smelled like my huge inflatable dolphin beach toy did in the sun.  
    PVC products release toxic hydrogen chloride gas when heated.
    Good times. 

  3. She looks like a lego person! Also I think her palm looks large because the child’s hair in that light is actually close to her flesh tone so that the lock of hair in her palm looks like it’s part of her hand. 

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