Explore Mars on your computer

Want to check out the surface of Mars the way you'd use Google Earth? HiRise makes it possible. (Via artimusclyde on Submitterator)


  1. But I’ve already used the Google Earth program to explore the surface of Mars. Clicking on the toolbar icon that looks like a ringed planet allows me to explore Earth, the Sky, Mars, and the Moon, using the same familiar controls.

  2. I’m reasonably sure I’m not an idiot (Dunning-Kruger effect aside), so the fact that I haven’t been able to load, view, or ‘explore’ a single damn image of the Martian surface through this program suggests that due diligence was not performed before publishing this article.

    Using HiRise Viewer is in no way whatsoever like ‘check[ing] out the surface of Mars the way you’d use Google Earth’.

    1. basically it is just an image viewer. you can simply download mars’ surface images (JPEGs) and see them in any viewer but this one will show some extra data if you turn on some UI elements from the view pull down menu. but the article nevertheless is totally misleading.

  3. Maggie, this was misleading.

    This has nothing to do with Mars. It’s just an image viewer that you can use to open and view very large images.

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