Hand-stitched Kanye West tweets


8 Responses to “Hand-stitched Kanye West tweets”

  1. blueelm says:

    This really *is* wonderful.

  2. Brainspore says:

    I wonder if he was going for the “cute winged baby” kind of Cherub or those multi-headed chimerical horrors described in the Bible. Because the latter would actually make an odd kind of sense here.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Garden variety angels are common enough in Safavid carpets.  At least one of the Sanguszko carpets has them.  You can still get Safavids for under $5 million and fragments for under $50K.  What’s his problem?

  3. aynrandspenismighty says:

    It’s like reading the inner-monlouge of someone so self-involved they didn’t realize they are actually writing it down and sending it out to be viewed by (potentially) everyone. Amazing.

  4. Perch von Radical says:

    why do his tweets kind of remind me of that garfield minus garfield comic?

  5. kullervo says:

    So he needs a Christian rug merchant in Iran? Act fast.

  6. Jocelyn McAuley says:

    Hey Liz Lemon…

  7. Joseph says:


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