Hand-stitched Kanye West tweets

Supervelma sells lovingly-stitched tweets from the mind of Kanye West at Etsy. Discounts are available for anyone who would like a set of three or more tweets.


  1. I wonder if he was going for the “cute winged baby” kind of Cherub or those multi-headed chimerical horrors described in the Bible. Because the latter would actually make an odd kind of sense here.

    1. Garden variety angels are common enough in Safavid carpets.  At least one of the Sanguszko carpets has them.  You can still get Safavids for under $5 million and fragments for under $50K.  What’s his problem?

  2. It’s like reading the inner-monlouge of someone so self-involved they didn’t realize they are actually writing it down and sending it out to be viewed by (potentially) everyone. Amazing.

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