On the importance of sausage to Rick Perry

Video Link, via Mike Monteiro.


    1. I feel like this belongs here

      Did you mean the photo belongs in this thread or the fat, long, hot, juicy corndog belongs in Perry’s wanting mouth?

      1. It’s how the wealthy career politician signals that they are plain folks who eat plain food because they’re so aw-shucks plain and country simple, y’all.

        Just to be clear on the matter, corndogs remain awesome in spite of this outrageous misuse.

        1. Let not a scumbag’s misuse of an item make you not want to use/consume it.

          Otherwise hte terrists win.

      1.  Same in Houston too, but it’s in an alley behind a dumpster.

        Seriously though,  J&B is pretty good sausage. I’ll probably buy some at the store tomorrow because I saw this ad.

  1. I also noticed that the hat he’s wearing in that last scene is a dead ringer for Jake Gyllenhaal’s from Brokeback Mountain. Pair that with the Heath Ledger jacket he wore in that other video and you’ve got the whole “gay cowboy” look down pat.

  2. I try not to mess with Texas.  I enjoy the musical stylings of the Texas Tornadoes.  I appreciate that Texas Tea is vital to our transportation and industry.  I have no problem with Texas Toast or Texas Instruments.

    But would somebody please reign in this ‘Texas Natural’ and bring him back to the fields and pastures of his native land?  Put him out to stud far away from crowds and cameras where he can dream of value added sausage to his (ever so small) hearts content.

  3. Hey, this video doesn’t use youtube-nocookie.

    What’s the deal with that, anyway?  A copy-pasted youtube-nocookie URL never works for me.

  4. Wait, why did a private sausage fest factory need the government’s help to expand?  Isn’t the government supposed to get out of the way and let private enterprise run wild and free?

  5. I find the whole “cowboy” image so ridiculously cliched.  Sorry.  Yeah, sure, I’m an effete Northeastern liberal, wearing a beret and writing poetry in my journal at the local organic coffee shop.   But c’mon. . . Rick Perry spends most of his time in an office wearing a suit and tie, and in his free time he’s probably watching football or cooking on the backyard grill in cutoff jeans, not roping steers.  In this modern world owning a horse generally means you are wealthy, not some rural blue-collar roughneck.

    1. As a Brit/Canadian with an outside perspective… it really is ridiculously cliched. I mean,  however ridiculously cliched it looks to USians, to the rest of the world, it looks a hundred times cliched-ier. As in ‘I would like to parody this, but no parody could come close to how ridiculous the thing I am making fun of already is’, cliche’d.

      1. Agreed.  It would be the same if Japanese politicians ran around in hakama robes.  BTW, I see guys walking around Tokyo in kimono or hakama robes, and I’ve asked them if they were going to a party or something.  No, most of them just like to kick it old school on their Sunday afternoon walks.  That rules.

        But if a politician tried it, they would be accused of shameless pandering– which is what this is too.

      2. The Coat is a Carhartt, Hq in Dearborn Michigan. Company founded in 1889. Factories and Mills in Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe. Outsourced work to many other countries. Family owned.

        The shirt from Brokeback Mountain is a Rockmount Ranchwear from Denver Colorado. Founded in 1946. Invented the snap shirt, and has not changed in basic design since the 50’s. Bob Dylan and Green Day like them.
        Also Family owned.

        To throw in the hat. A Stetson, basic design originated in 1865 with the company. The Canadian Mounties wear a flat brimmed Stetson. Located and  made in Garland Texas. As Dr. Who says, “Stetson’s are cool.”  Now owned by Hat Brands inc and made in Texas.

        It is crazy when people wear clothes that don’t suit them, see Obama in a pair of jeans (patented in 1873 by Levi Strauss), he looks wrong. Yet, I would not be surprised if people who trash Western wear might own a pair.

        Notice how much more at home Perry looks in an Urban east coast suit while lovin’ on the sausage. 

        The shameless pandering of Rick Perry (or Barack Obama) is to be ridiculed, but not the cultural history which is actually cool.

        Of course Berets are originally the headwear of 17th century Basque Shepherds. Maybe not cowboys but close.

        It is parody when someone else does it, maybe NY hipsters in their ripoff snap button shirts. Or the ironic era of trucker hats and straw cowboy hats. It is cliche as any trope with a history of that length, but it would be hard pressed to say that these companies have the inauthenticity of kitsch. 

        But to feel all elite and superior, nah just stupid. 

        1. Don’t think anyone questions the authenticity – or the coolness – of the actual clothes. It’s just that they look ridiculous on most people, most of the time, because of the context.

          You can take any one of the items you list (save perhaps the Stetson) and incorporate it into your outfit, in any part of the country, on any day, and it would look fine (possibly even make you look cool). Indeed, most people probably own clothing that’s at least derivative of western wear, if not an authentic piece.

          Put more than one of those items together, though, and you’re wearing a costume. Especially so if your normal attire is, as you say, east coast suits.

          Movies like to show us Texas businessmen who are “real Texans” – they wear suits, but with wide lapels and outrageous ties, and of course cowboy boots and hats. And they look badass, especially because no one else can wear that stuff and not look ridiculous – especially politicians like Rick Perry.

  6. Expanding sausages…Texas Naturals…keep messing around like that and Santorum will soon be sticking to Perry like glue…and I just made myself throw up a little bit.

  7. When I’m relaxing on my porch after a hard day’s work, there’s nothing I like to do more than put on some leather and think about getting stuffed full of sausage.  I mean for dinner.  In my mouth.  No!  I just mean swallowing sausage.  No, not swallowing, eating! I meant eating!  Just eating!  Like anyone else I sometimes like to eat a long, smooth piece of meat!  Aw shucks, forget it!  I’m Rick Perry, and I am totally not gay.

  8. I don’t trust this guy.

    1) Where is his hair net?  I can’t tell you how much it sucks when a sausage is in your mouth and you realize you have a hair in there as well.

    2) Those photos behind him are so uneven, it’s unsettling.

  9. Perry has a pose for every situation. Executing most of them he takes a wide stance (good in airport bathrooms), holds his arms stiffly away from his body, dramatically puts his hands on his hips, plays the Marlboro cowboy and every cheesy western to the hilt (no pun intended), and last but not least, like his predecessor G.W. Bush he is afraid of horses. Let’s see him get on one. Many 6 year old girls do. There was a song from the urban cowboy days, “Hell, I Ain’t a Cowboy I Just Found the Hat”. Need I say more?

  10. Coolist thing about being Texas Ag Commissioner is that your name is on these little licensing stickers on any device that measures weight or volume for retail trade.  A guy goes into stores and slides weights around on the scales and puts on a new sticker if they check out. Other inspectors measure the output of gas pumps.  Not having little stickers is a crime.

    So Rich Perry was in charge of a department that regulated businesses.

  11. The narration sounds suspiciously like James Garner. Now that would be sad. Still, he was in Victor Victoria…

  12. Rick Perry is a multimillionare that has not had a job outside of government since 1984.  How can this be?  Oh he just got “lucky” with real estate investments.  That’s all.

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