Gingerbread typewriter is entirely edible


10 Responses to “Gingerbread typewriter is entirely edible”

  1. beemoh says:

    Faintly subversive “OWS” on the right-hand side, there…

  2. oneheadtoanother says:

    Is there an Ice Cream Sandwich update in the works?

  3. millie fink says:

    And when you type on it, here’s the sound it makes: “TWEE!!”

  4. I use it to write sweet nothings.

  5. Scott Elyard says:

    That is completely awesome. Looks like my Smith-Corona.

  6. sockdoll says:

    Manual typewriter? 

    Needs more steampunk.

  7. Their feldspars says:

    Royal icing…is that a joke?

  8. BijouxBoy says:

    oh please, please, can’t we go back to “Merry Christmas”? “Happy Holidays” is just so…..I dunno….Barney The Dinosaur. 

  9. mehennui says:

    Is it bad that I want to serve a severed-foot cake, and little Novril candies to go with this?

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