Gear cube

This cube made of gears is a great example of some of the really brilliant stuff coming out of the 3D printing scene; it's a phenomenon on Thingiverse, where the method for turning any solid shape into a geared wonderment has been generalized into a formula that can be applied to your 3D model-file.

Cube Gear (via Making Light)


  1. That is so… so… I’m at loss for words here… cool isn’t quite it, neither awesome… awesomly cool? It’s a bit like watching Dark City when the houses start moving.

  2. I glanced at the thumbnail and thought “that looks kind of interesting but it’s misleading to call the parts ‘gears’ since they probably interlock in a way which prevents them from moving.”

    Then I watched the video.  Whoa.

  3. OMFG :-)

    For those of us that don’t happen to have a 3D printer on our desk there would be /such/ a market for this.

    ThinkGeek should start selling them at once!

  4. I met the guy who did the 3d-printed geared heart … it’s available for purchase:

    similar in aluminum:

    1. See for a video demonstration of the 3d printed version that Oskar made before mass producing it with Mefferts.

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