Gear cube


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  1. CH says:

    That is so… so… I’m at loss for words here… cool isn’t quite it, neither awesome… awesomly cool? It’s a bit like watching Dark City when the houses start moving.

  2. twency says:

    I glanced at the thumbnail and thought “that looks kind of interesting but it’s misleading to call the parts ‘gears’ since they probably interlock in a way which prevents them from moving.”

    Then I watched the video.  Whoa.

  3. cholten99 says:

    OMFG :-)

    For those of us that don’t happen to have a 3D printer on our desk there would be /such/ a market for this.

    ThinkGeek should start selling them at once!

  4. Hooray, some billed as having gears, which does indeed have movable gears, which work. Very nifty indeed. I’d buy it.(I’d buy a 3D printer, but for the cost) 

  5. Roderick Villanueva says:

    Did anyone else expect Pinhead and his Cenobites to suddenlty appear?

  6. How long until we see gear versions of people’s World of Warcraft characters?

  7. morcheeba says:

    I met the guy who did the 3d-printed geared heart … it’s available for purchase:

    similar in aluminum:

  8. Nadreck says:

    Are you sure he didn’t just import these from Bizarro World?

  9. Fantastic.  I had the same reaction as others here.  “That can’t really turn.. That’s really turning!”

  10. bkuehner says:

    The always-impressive Oskar van Deventer has made a similar form into a twisty puzzle:
    To make it more interesting as a puzzle, his version can separate on any of the three axes, allowing the halves to scramble independently.

    • Logolepsy says:

      See for a video demonstration of the 3d printed version that Oskar made before mass producing it with Mefferts.

  11. zgz says:

    Wow amazing. especially it was done 3 years ago, what can they do now?

  12. abdi bro says:

    amazing.. i want

  13. Dave Johnson says:

    For the record, this video shows the original papercraft model by Haruki Nakamura. The poster of this video just re-posted his original. See

  14. says:

    What’s truly remarkable about 3D printing is that it produces these objects in  single shot with no need to assemble the various pieces together.. read more on my 3D printing blog at Also, if you’re intrested in more 3D printed things of beauty and wonder check out the amazing Gomboc –

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