Sneaky Prawn (Die Antwoord snapshot)

Above, a snapshot I took of Ninja and Yo-Landi of Die Antwoord during a recent visit to Los Angeles. In this photo, they are hanging out in the studio of LA-based artist David Choe. Die Antwoord will release their second album Ten$ion soon, and tour dates will kick off in early 2012. They've said goodbye to Interscope, and will soon announce details of an interesting new independent plan for music release and distribution—and a number of other projects.

* Shot with an iPhone 4s, btw. I'm always stunned at how well it performs in poor lighting conditions, and how well it performs compared to earlier editions.


  1. I have to wonder if he ever actually got those fake prison tats, or if he’s still putting them on with a sharpie before every shoot.

  2. maybe it’s just the power of grouping memories (this category being south africa), but this snapshot seems highly reminiscent of a district 9 creature to me.

  3. Honestly, are they good?
    I tried to listen some of their stuff but, to tell the truth, didn’t sound so original.

    Just let me know if I should improve my effort.

    1. Improve your effort.  Expand your search.  There are many albums of great material coming from these minds.  Only one so far under the name Die Antwoord.

  4. Of course he hangs out in a mask and she is chilling on a trampoline.  Sigh.

    Isn’t there a ceiling on how cool things can be, before they become self parody? 

    Regardless, I would stand out there like a paunchy 40 year old health worker.  Like a cheeseburger in a plate of steaks.

  5. Agreed, they’re really good. But that’s definitely not to say they’re for everyone.  Which is also good.

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