Sneaky Prawn (Die Antwoord snapshot)


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  1. nixiebunny says:

    No studio is complete without a trampoline.

  2. mkultra says:

    I have to wonder if he ever actually got those fake prison tats, or if he’s still putting them on with a sharpie before every shoot.

  3. Stephen Welch says:

    maybe it’s just the power of grouping memories (this category being south africa), but this snapshot seems highly reminiscent of a district 9 creature to me.

  4. Crashproof says:

    I’ve gotten some positive comments on photos taken with an HTC G2 as well.  The trick is simply deleting any photo that turns out badly :P

  5. Yuna Meal says:

    Honestly, are they good?
    I tried to listen some of their stuff but, to tell the truth, didn’t sound so original.

    Just let me know if I should improve my effort.

  6. ryuchi says:

    These two are precious: my Broe en Sis!

  7. Frederik says:

    That’s the Micheal Bay version of Optimus Prime, painted gold. Not exactly District 9. Still a cool photo though.

  8. parrotboy says:

    Of course he hangs out in a mask and she is chilling on a trampoline.  Sigh.

    Isn’t there a ceiling on how cool things can be, before they become self parody? 

    Regardless, I would stand out there like a paunchy 40 year old health worker.  Like a cheeseburger in a plate of steaks.

  9. wrybread says:

    Agreed, they’re really good. But that’s definitely not to say they’re for everyone.  Which is also good.

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